Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday 02/10 (Very) Quickie

CBB Saturday Shockers, in order: (1) Purdue beats Wisconsin IN MADISON; (2) LSU holds Tennessee to 47 points (loses by 2); (3) Louisville upsets Georgetown.

Redskins hire Jim Zorn as head coach: Fastest. Promotion. Ever.

Junior wins Bud Shootout, edging Tony Stewart: Hendrick career off to ideal start.

Clemens' lawyer says Rocket wasn't at Canseco party that McNamee claims he was at in 1998: Would this impeach McNamee's cred? Not enough.

Kirk Radomski says he believes McNamee: And who can see inside the heart of a drug-buyer/-distributor more clearly than a dealer?

Much more tomorrow...


Kurt said...

Hey Dan, so how about your prediction that UCLA is going to win it all....Lookin pretty good after today's loss to lowly Washington. Put it right up there next to your prediction that the Heats have nothing to play for until the about those Heat and the playoffs.

Unknown said...

From 2/9: "What did we learn from KG's Minnesota homecoming? That without Garnett, the Celtics are a mere buzzer-beater from being the Timberwolves..."

Does your juvenile logic now mean that Minnesota would beat the Spurs by 6? The NBA has talent all around. The fact that the worst team in the league features Dwayne Wade should indicate that on any day, any team can beat any other team. Let's not even get into the familiarity factor here, as these team completed a monster trade and played multiple times in the preseason before now playing twice during the regular season.

You're better than this, Dan.