Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Mania

Sorry for the late post - I've been traveling all morning, headed for Gainesville (where else?)

Head over to for today's column, led by my NBA playoff picks and the tough "win-or-else" spot the Celtics are in.

Meanwhile, the Northwestern football blog Lake The Posts has a long Q and A with me, if you're curious. (

More once I'm off the road. Someone text Tebow I'm coming to town...

- D.S.
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Brian said...

I'm posting a comment here because I can't access The Sporting Blog at work. (Read it through Google Reader, though!)

I was at the Padres game last night. All of it. I'll stay at a game anytime, mainly because I don't ever foresee something going past 10 or 11 innings. Plus, it was a Thursday night, so there was only one more work day to endure. As the innings went on, the debate to stay or go started swinging towards 'go', but c'mon - who wants to miss a chance at history! (Of some sort, at least.) So we all stayed. Unfortunately, the Padres lost, but it was still fun.

One note, though - I enjoyed the 7/14/21 inning stretches, but I think they're incorrect. Since the stretch usually comes during the 7th/9 innings, the 2nd stretch shouldn't happen until the 16th(of 18) innings. Minor technicality, I know.

Lastly, Go Gators! Enjoy Gainesville. (My alma mater x2!)

John said... didn't pick the Celtics to make it to the Finals. Shocking. I'm actually surprised you didn't pick the Wizards to upset them in seven games in the second round.

So by limiting the best clean hitter of our generation to Junior and Manny, are we to assume you don't think A-Rod is clean?