Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday 04/13 (Very) Quickie

Masters: Tiger is six shots behind Trevor Immelman; seems to me he's got him right where he wants him.

NBA: That was fast -- the Nuggets lost their hold on 8th in the West, losing at Utah while the Warriors beat the Clippers in Oakland. Two games to play for each... The Hornets lost in Sacto, putting them in a tie for first in the West with the Lakers, who play the Spurs today.

MLB: Jeff Francoeur... Gavin Floyd... Justin Upton... Carlos Silva... Bill Hall (and Gabe Kapler!)... Yankees-Red Sox? Still can't get into it...

Frozen Four: B.C. wins the title!

"Revelations" of steroid use in the track world simply don't faze me anymore: Marion Jones? Maurice Greene? Can't we just assume the entire sport is tainted and leave it there?

NFL: Pac-Man Jones wants back in, and he'll re-apply for admission Tuesday. I think Roger Goodell will let him in, but with a quick hook in place.

CFB Spring Games: I happily watched ESPN's love-fest in Gainesville yesterday, but I found myself wondering why any other CFB fan -- no matter how jonesing for college football you might be -- would want to watch. They poured a lot of Florida down viewers' throats.

Tebow looked OK -- he was under the weather; but the real stars were Chris "Poor Man's Percy Harvin" Rainey and USC transfer RB Emmanuel Moody. Kirk Herbstreit, who historically is no fan of Florida, said they had the best offense in the country. We'll see.

There was a lot of talk about the SEC; wow, the SEC is going to be tough. They spent some time going over Georgia's schedule -- it is brutal; UGA could be the best team in the country, but one mistake could cost them a shot at a national title (just like last year).

-- D.S.

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Matt T said...

Nice to hear you pointing out the overwhelming Gator love. I couldn't watch that.