Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday 04/12 A.M. Quickie:
Lakers, Tiger, Mizzou, Peavy, More

NBA: Lakers beat Hornets in LA, clinch HCA in the first round and sit .5 GB New Orleans for the No. 1 spot in the West with 2 to play (for LA). One of those is San Antonio on Sunday.

Tiger is 7 back: Exactly where he wants to be for his standard Saturday sprint.

Alexander Ovechkin!

MLB: Jake Peavy owns Brad Penny... the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry just doesn't move the needle anymore (or at least in April)... Was Sabathia getting shelled a subtle protest against Carmona's new deal and his lack of one?... The Rays scored 8 in the 7th and 8th to come back on the O's... ANOTHER home run for Mike Jacobs?... the D'backs are on fire (7 straight Ws)... Who needs Johan Santana: Livan Hernandez is 3-0 for the Twins...

Name to Know: Jacob Priday, the Missouri baseball player who hit 4 HR in a 31-12 (31-12?!?!?) route of Texas. Mizzou's prolific football offense has a high bar for their game with Texas this fall.

I know you'll all be joining me in watching Florida's Spring Football Game on ESPN this afternoon, right? It might just be Twitter-worthy...

-- D.S.

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Lake The Posts said...

Come on..."twitter worthy"? You must have meant Northwestern's spring game on 4/26. Beware of the Cats. You heard it here first - NU vs FL in bowl game in 2008 (Jan. 2009) just to test your TRUE allegiance.