Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday 04/06 (Very) Quickie: Kansas, Memphis Deliver Decisive Knockouts

Kansas, Memphis advance to national title game: Both did it impressively, truly proving their worthiness to compete for a national title tomorrow night.

Kansas beats UNC: That first 13 minutes was one of the biggest ass-kickings I have ever seen, nevermind that KU did it against the team purported to be the best in the country.

(They actually delivered TWO decisive runs: One in the first half, to go up by 60 -- it was 26, but felt like 60 -- and one in the second half, when UNC closed the lead to 5 with 9 minutes to play, but then KU extended the lead to its final 18-point margin by the end. The former was breath-taking; the latter was champion-like.)

Memphis beats UCLA: OK, I believe. Finally. After two straight Final Fours, UCLA was as ready as any team in the country this season to win the national title; Memphis rocked them.

NBA West: The Nuggets lost a must-win against the Kings despite Melo's 47...

Meanwhile, whee: The Celtics clinch HCA throughout the East playoffs. Expect to see as little effort at the end of this season as they produced a year ago.

MLB: Peavy 2-hits Dodgers... Wow, the Tigers are STILL winless... I'm trying not to read too much passing-of-guard symbolism of the Rays beating the Yankees (remember a few years ago when the otherwise-hapless Rays owned NYY?)... Fukudome!... Weren't the Cardinals supposed to not be very good this season?... Fantasy Must-Have: Manny Parra...

NBA Draft: Arizona's Jerryd Bayless, who will likely be the second overall guard taken after Derrick Rose (and a consensus Top 5 pick) goes pro, as does Louisville's Earl Clark, who had a very good NCAA Tournament.

Why is Alexander Ovechkin the NHL MVP? Aside from his scoring brilliance, there is no way the Caps even sniff the playoffs -- let alone a division title -- without him.

Jacque Rogge says the weather in Beijing isn't a threat to athletes? I think there are many scientists related to the USOC who would strongly disagree with him, and any athlete who DOESN'T wear a mask from the second they land in China until the second before they compete is hurting themselves.

-- D.S.


John said...

This Celtics team doesn't know how to play a game with "little effort." That's why they can play a game like last night, without KG, Allen and Pierce and still win by 23...even if it was against the Bobcats.

John D said...

First of all, the Celtics clinched HCA throughout the whole playoffs, not just the East. Second, if you seriously think they're gonna show as little effort to close out the season as they did last year, I'm convinced you've never seen KG play before.

SF said...

you forgot one final four shalacking -- KU over D Wade in 2003..see the link below