Saturday, April 05, 2008

"This Game Is Ovah": Billy Packer?!?

"This game is ovah." That is what Billy Packer just muttered... at the 7:32 mark of the first half of the UNC-Kansas game, with Kansas up a hundred. OK, it only feels like a hundred. It's 26.

I'm no Packer fan, but that was just about the awesomest thing I have ever heard a TV analyst say this early in a broadcast. It was so... definitive. And so early.

Normally, they are encouraged not to say things like that, because of -- you know -- the whole "TV ratings" thing... generally not a good idea to give people a reason to turn it off.

But Packer said it. Packer said exactly what everyone in the country was thinking -- including Packer -- when Rush hit that bombs-away 3 (nothing but net) to put KU up 26.

"This game is over." The smartest, ballsiest and awesomest thing Billy Packer has ever said.

(By the way, Kansas is putting on a clinic -- against the purported best team in the country. In 20 years of watching the Tournament avidly, I have never seen this kind of ass-kicking in a Final Four game, particularly against the "better" team. Maybe UNLV over Duke in '90. We'll have to see how the rest of this game plays out. But for a first half? Absolutely.)

-- D.S.


Mikepcfl said...

I'm hoping for a UNC comeback, just so Maryland doesnt have the biggest blown lead in Final Four history anymore! Come on heels!

devonfinny said...

Dude, your picks have been atrocious, but I never thought I'd see you give dap to Pure Evil.

Johnny b said...

starting to look a little premature

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

As I am sure has been written a hundred times. KU is doing a good job of choking this one away.

McNater said...

Dan, you are slipping. First thinking the Final Four was predictable. And now declaring the game over so quickly. Kansas might still win, but its FAR FROM OVAH with 7 minutes left.

Apparently, you have not been reading your Bill James.

pv845 said...

Dan, just like in the Orange Bowl, please pick against KU.

Jordan Fleuriet said...

First of all let me say I am a student at UNC so of course I am biased.

I thought Billy Packer's comments throughout the game were completely out of line. Announcers are supposed to be fun to listen to and have personality but they are also supposed to be subjective. Billy Packer constantly demeaned Carolina, our players and our coach. I bet Billy was getting pretty nervous about his comments when we were within 4 points. It is just dumb to say the game was over. Duke scored 8 points in 10 seconds on Maryland. Last year we were down 16 or 17 to USC in the second half and came back and won. A good announcer would know that about the team and bring that up. I hope Billy Packer is not allowed to announce another game.