Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday 04/05 (Very) Quickie

Waiting for... the Final Four!

Tigers drop to 0-4: This is getting ridiculous.

Studs: Chase Utley and Bill Hall each mash 2 HR

Hiroki Kuroda's MLB debut: Solid. 7 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 1 W.

NBA West: Lakers beat Mavs, Warriors beat Grizzlies. GSW now within .5 games of Denver, which is within .5 games of Dallas. The battle between these three teams for two spots should go down to the season's final game.

Hornets first in West to clinch a playoff spot: Does that alone cap their turnaround season, or do they have to win a playoff series? More than one playoff series? (Meanwhile, congrats to the Sixers on making the playoffs -- did anyone see that coming? Raptors and Wizards clinch, too.)

More NBA: Jazz beat Spurs, ending SA's 8-game W streak, but also reminding you that the West playoffs will be totally unpredictable.

Tyler Hansbrough is AP College Hoops Player of the Year: I'll stick with Kevin Love.

Cal hires Mike Montgomery: After his long and successful tenure at Stanford, this is huge to return to the Bay Area. It would be like Jim Tressel going to coach Michigan football. Cal will be much better.

Eric Gordon jumping to the NBA: He's a proven scorer, but can he play PG in the NBA, or is he just an undersized 2-guard, sort of like another Gordon (Ben)? He will have to be in the right situation, next to a larger point guard.

Of the teams likely to pick in the 4-10 range where Gordon will be taken, both the Nets (Devin Harris) and the Knicks (Jamal Crawford) seem to fit that description, though both could always use more size ahead of another guy looking to jack shots. Looking at those other Lottery teams, I'm not sure where Gordon would fit with them. He is no Derrick Rose, and he could end up sliding (or just being an overvalued pick).

-- D.S.

-- D.S.


WuzUpG said...

Warriors need to finish a full game ahead of Dallas or Denver to make the playoffs because they lose in the conference record tiebreaker. So, essentially, they are 1.5 games back, which makes Thursday's game the decisive game for any chance of making the playoffs.

Johnny b said...

so you hit Farve pretty hard yesterday and today don't even mention how he completely denied the story though I shouldn't be surprised

Kurt said...

Still sticking with Kevin Love for player of the year? Memphis shut him down today. Stop hating on Memphis and John Calipari and admit they are good. UCLA, 3 final fours in the last 3 years and no championships. Maybe it's time to start talking about them choking and not Tyler Hansborough.

Michael W said...

Bummer about UCLA losing. Memphis going 20-23 from the line has to be a fluke, though, so not too much shame in that.