Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuesday 04/01 A.M. Quickie:
MLB Opening Day Instant History!

(I deleted the previous Pitino post, out of humiliation at being fooled. I have to say: I actually kind of enjoy being snookered. It's a fun feeling being had. I'm not being sarcastic. It's kind of hilarious... if you're willing to be the jerk who gets fooled, as I am.)

Kosuke Fukudome for NL Rookie of the Year!

Johan Santana for NL Cy Young!
Xavier Nady for NL MVP!
Joe Torre for NL Manager of the Year!
The Rays will win the AL East!
The Tigers will be a flop!
Torii Hunter is a bust!
Victor Martinez's injury kills the Indians!

Ahh: That sweet taste in your mouth is the Instant History that is unique to MLB Opening Day. Call it the "Tuffy Rhodes Factor," and that Instant History (or Hysteria) is the lead of my Sporting News column today.

All kidding aside, it is obvious that Fukudome is the real deal.

Also to be found in the column: Why the Nuggets are hating life... why AP All-American voters suck... why the women's Elite Eight is kind of awesome... why Stephen Curry is a lock for Player of the Year in college hoops next season... why I don't like April Fool's Day... and more!

Really: It's April already? Yikes.

-- D.S.

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