Monday, March 31, 2008

NCAA Touranment National Bracket Update

If you went by the "National Bracket" on -- the aggregate of all 3.6 million individual brackets submitted -- you would be in the 92nd percentile right now out of all of those nearly 4 million brackets.

That's right: You would be outperforming 92 percent of the country. Amazingly, you would be tied for 34th place out of nearly 700 participants in the Daily Quickie Readers pool. Not bad at all. (Certainly better than 661 other participants.)

Granted, all four 1-seeds making the Final Four -- a perennial plurality of the National Bracket, which inevitably brings down the percentile performance -- helped a ton. But still...

On the home front, things still look awful for me on my bracket. And Mrs. Quickie's high-flying start peaked after the UNC and Xavier wins on Thursday night, when she was in the 99th percentile of the DQR pool -- tied for 5th place overall. Once she lost Tennessee, things spiraled down from there. The two hours she spent in 5th were her/my One Shining Moment of the 2008 Tournament.

Anyway: Congratulations if you were smart enough to follow the wisdom of the crowds this year. You might not be winning your pool with the National Bracket picks (please let me know if you are), but you are out-performing almost everyone else for bragging rights. Amazing.

If it matters, the National Bracket picks UNC over UCLA in the national-title game.

-- D.S.

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