Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wednesday 04/02 A.M. Quickie:
Isiah, Walsh, Pedro, Dice-K, Crean, More!

Is the Knicks fans' nightmare almost over?
Is Pedro going to de-rail the Mets' chances?
Is Trevor Hoffman back?
Is Josh Hamilton a one-year wonder?
Is Tom Crean the answer for Indiana?
Is Bill Self the hope for Oklahoma State?
Is the NBA West any closer to being settled?
Is Tim Tebow the best amateur athlete?

All that and a lot more in today's Sporting News column.

Meanwhile, two things:

(1) Don't forget to check out my post about Rob Neyer's new book. (Or skip it and just get the book.)

(2) Those of you who totally disagreed with my "The Final Four is ruined" opinion from Monday -- lamenting the first time the Final Four was all 1-seeds -- will be pleased to know I was absolutely shellacked in an argument on local Alabama sports radio yesterday afternoon. The host echoed a lot of your arguments from the Comments on Monday, and I had no real answer for them. You got the best of me this time, Alabama!

I'm aiming to have a Bonus Post later this morning expanding on a point I made in the lead item of the SN column about Walsh and Isiah, about why "rebuilding" shouldn't be some sort of taboo concept -- for the Knicks or ANY team that perennially sucks.

-- D.S.

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