Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday 04/19 (Very) Quickie

Isiah Thomas is out as Knicks coach: Years late is better than never. The Knicks can begin to rebuild -- and restore -- their franchise, and I'm betting Mark Jackson is tabbed to coach the team. Memo to Donnie Walsh: Contrary to myth, Knicks fans aren't afraid of "rebuilding." Sure beats whatever they would call the last few years.

MLB Last Night: Chipper Jones hits 2 HR (again)... Johan Ks 10... Aha! Big Papi hits a grand slam; maybe this will bust him out of his slump (and raises his average to a whopping .134)... Tom Glavine on the DL? That's weird... Joe Saunders!...

NBA Playoffs start today: Wiz-Cavs leads it all off, with Spurs-Suns Game 1 as the headliner. Go Wiz. (And while I picked the Spurs to repeat -- ugh -- I would really like to see the Suns win. So much better for fans, the NBA, everything.)

NBA owners approve Sonics move to Oklahoma City: Of course they did. There but for the grace of Stern go they...

Chris Douglas-Roberts turning pro: Just after Derrick Rose, CDR had THE break-out performance of the NCAA Tournament. How could NBA scouts not love his length and finishing ability? (Free throws need some work, obviously.)

Luc Mbah a Moute turning pro, too: After he, Love, Collison and Westbrook all leave, you will see just how good Ben Howland is -- he will have a very similar problem to Billy Donovan, having to rebuild with a talented, but green, freshman class.

How big will that coin-toss putting the Knicks over the Clips and T'wolves over the Grizzlies end up factoring in the Draft? Assuming none make the Top 3 (which isn't a particularly solid assumption), the question is: Do the pairs of teams cross-over for draft needs? Example: The Grizz need frontcourt help to replace Gasol; the T'wolves already have Al Jefferson.

Broncos sign Darrell Jackson: And, as I'm in Gainesville this weekend, you know this is well-received. (Wow, no pun intended, and forgive it.)

-- D.S.

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