Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday 08/05 A.M. Quickie:
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It is the rallying cry of a nation of fans: Anything But Favre.

I know that many/most of you reached this point weeks ago, but I have felt compelled to continue to track this godforsaken story. In today's SN column, I try to back away.

Everyone has their own breaking point: Maybe it was the first day he announced his retirement. Maybe it was the first day of the comeback talk. Maybe it was the day the Packers offered him $20 million to stay retired. Maybe it was the day he arrived back in Wisconsin to go to camp.

Last night's non-news (McCarthy press conference cancelled because his talk with Favre went long!) might have been my own personal breaking point.

Especially when there is a ton of other things to cover: The Brewers are imploding -- in real-time!... Steve Smith is sorry -- but Ken Lucas isn't!... SMQ agrees with me that Florida will be national champs! (Yes, I know I posed about this earlier this morning.)

There is a ton of stuff in the column today -- including a bunch of random details that I'm pretty sure will hit the radar today (or maybe I'm just late to the party). Check it out here.

Couple of posts coming throughout the day.

-- D.S.


http://twitter.com/#!/DuelingAces said...
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http://twitter.com/#!/DuelingAces said...

Hey Dan, longtime fan, started reading the quickie when I was a sophomore in high school, first time commenting.
Florida is not going to win the title for a couple reasons

1. They haven't improved, I feel like they are worse than they were last year, and thats a team that lost to Michigan in their bowl game

2. Yes a one or two loss team can make it out of the SEC but with Georgia and LSU both possibly being in the same 1-2 loss scenario I don't think the voters will allow Florida to leap past them

3. Percy Harvin's heel, fine now but whats going to happen after a few games against tough SEC defenses?

4. Ohio State has too much talent and too easy of a schedule not to get there (sorry, but true) and Oklahoma is going undefeated because Mizzou is overrated and Texas is in a down year, so they really don't have to play anyone.

5. Tim Tebow getting bitch-slapped by karma, its only a matter of time.