Saturday, September 20, 2008

CFB Instant History

Late Afternoon:

USC's strength of schedule (or "strength" of "schedule") is going to take yet another big hit as Oregon is getting throttled at home by Boise State. (Now, Boise State is a very good team, but it also exposes Oregon as not nearly as good as they seemed to look three weeks ago. By comparison, Miami throttling Texas A&M in College Station -- even if A&M isn't what they once were -- is a defense of how Florida's win over The U. was perhaps better than you thought.)

Tim Tebow is making plays: The jump-pass TD was fine, but the shovel pass on 3rd and long to put Florida in FG range was better.

Missouri's defense is simply not good. It's offense is great, but its D is not good. (But Chase Daniel did nothing to make me think he isn't the Heisman favorite again this week.)

BYU is on a fast-track for a BCS bowl.

I find myself not believing in Penn State until they actually dominate someone good.

Early Afternoon:

And there goes East Carolina's BCS hopes and dreams -- and likely top 25 ranking.

The Terrelle Pryor Era begins: 4 TDs passing? Wow. Boeckman who?

Northwestern is 4-0, having survived its non-conference schedule for the first time in generations.


Michael W said...

Dan, I don't think Oregon has been "exposed" at all. As of this writing, towards the end of the 3rd quarter, injuries have forced them to a 48:7 run:pass ratio. This is a team that runs the spread offense.

7 times as many runs as passes in a spread offense. When you're losing. You call that exposed? I call that riddled with injuries.

Rickaz said...

Before you beat up on Oregon too much, rememember that they are on either their second or third quarterback for the season.

the bankrupt museum said...

C'mon Dan - your point about USC's strength of schedule is well taken, but cut Oregon some slack about being "exposed" by Boise St - they've had their starting quarterback knocked out in 5 of their last 8 games. The QB leading their 4th quarter rally was still redshirted & on the scout team last week.

william said...

You need to do research before ripping MU's defense. This week, Missouri's defense gave up 286 yds. and just 14 points to a buffalo team averaging twice that, and that 14 INCLUDES a drive that should have ended, but a bogus (mu player blocked into kicker) roughing the kicker penalty gave them new life. MU's offense, while great, drop 3 passes and the special teams gave up a TD. The MU defense gave up no points vs. Nevada in second half, and held them to their lowest yards, as well. Both Nevada and Buffalo will go to minor bowls, as will Illinois (if not a good bowl). MU' defense is getting better, just like it did as the year went on in '07. But, also note that MU's defense is on the field twice as long as most defenses because the tiger offense scores so quickly, and so early and so often. The opponents are forced to throw passes and guess what? every now and then they complete one. But with the offense scoring 53.8 a game, does it really matter? Beats a team that scores only 3 vs. miss. st. or even one that beat the team that scored only 3 vs. miss. st.