Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday 09/21 (Very) Quickie

In usual years, the Cubs clinching a playoff spot would be the biggest baseball news -- even if it doens't have the novelty of years past (they ARE defending NL Central champs), it's still The Cubs Are In The Playoffs.

But not this year. Not with the Rays -- the RAYS -- making the playoffs, one of the most remarkable worst-to-playoffs turnaround stories in baseball history.

I said this yesterday, and it's my mantra for the next 6 weeks: If you don't have a rooting interest in the playoffs, how could you NOT root for the Rays?

Now, on to CFB:

LSU grabbed the "Best Single Win of the Year" title, beating -- surviving -- Auburn at Auburn. This carries significant weight in my BlogPoll balloting.

Knowshon Moreno + Defense = Georgia's bonafides as a national-title contender.

Florida's defense suddenly is the team's strength (along with Brandon James and the return game), with the offense a bit of a clunky ride right now. (Good sign: Emmanuel Moody emerged -- for the first time in the Meyer Era at Florida -- as an RB they can ride for tough yards.)

Speaking of "eras," the Terrelle Pryor Era is here, and it's as spectacular as advertised.

Prove-It Game of the Week: Wake Forest proving not only that they belong at the top of the ACC, but that they own Florida State. Imagine telling an FSU fan 10 years ago that they would be owned by Wake...

BCS-Buster Watch: So much for East Carolina, but BYU is still steamrolling along. Don't forget about Utah (which gets BYU in a head-to-head match-up the final week of the season that may be for a BCS bowl game); Fresno State and Boise State (who also play each other, which will settle things a bit); TCU and Ball State, too.

Speaking of Boise State, and I said this yesterday: No offense to BSU, but USC's schedule just got that much more unimpressive, as compared to the SEC and Big 12.

More MLB: Phillies reclaim NL East lead... K-Rod notches save no. 60 (and that may be the barrier we never see broken)... CC loses again? Man, now he won't even get "runner-up" status in the NL Cy race... Halladay wins 19th...

Ryder Cup: I know it's supposed to be a dramatic finish and all, but I still can't get excited about it.

It's the last day of Yankee Stadium as we know it. For all those except Yankees fans, good luck ignoring it.

Don't forget to go set your fantasy rosters...

-- D.S.


Netti said...

If you don't have a rooting interest in the playoffs, how could you NOT root for the Rays?

Their own supposed fans don't root for them, for the same reason no one is rooting for Lehman Brothers; there existence is only sustainable through the constant revenue sharing of fans of teams that actually care.

Sure, we should all have a rooting interest; we support them, but not the way supporting a team was meant to be.

I find it fitting on the last relevant day of New-Old Yankee Stadium, that the eventual heap of rubble could draw more fans then joke of a franchise that is remarkable only because it failed for so long and that fans who actually care about baseball have had to prop it up for the past 10 years.

Unknown said...

where is the love for Ringer?!?! Dan, you know the big ten and even against some poor competition, Ringer is putting together an excellent season. What do you think of him?