Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BlogPoll Week 4 Results: I Am Not Alone

Here are the Week 4 BlogPoll results from the entire group, combined. As it turns out, I was not the only one to vote LSU at No. 1 -- there was one other hardy soul.

Worth noting:

- USC reigns supreme (again), with my No. 1 choice (LSU), coming in at No. 5.

- The group consensus agrees with me that Mizzou falls behind the SEC trio.

- Look at Vandy at 19! (As always, "Dr. Saturday" Matt Hinton's ballot is worth looking at.)

- East Carolina gets the pity vote at 25 (I had them unranked). Meanwhile, Clemson earns their way back in.

- BCS-Busters: BYU 11 (tad low, imho); Utah 16 (tad low again); Boise State/TCU 20/21 (not bad at all).

- Looking ahead: Georgia/Bama? Something's gotta give. Oklahoma actually could bolster its cred with a win over TCU, which would be OU's first real quality win of the season. And if they lose? (What: At home? Wow, that would be kind of awesome.)

-- D.S.

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