Saturday, September 27, 2008

Post-Loss Update 5: Madness Sets In

After the game, I had taken off my Tebow jersey (yes, I own one -- two, actually... 3 if you include the quasi-jersey "jersey-as-a-T-shirt") and put it in a crumpled mess back in the closet, wondering if it was too tainted to wear anymore this season.

Now, I have put the jersey back on and am about to go walk the streets of my neighborhood (actually, going on an errand, but still...), ready to shoulder any/all mockery that might come my way -- because for some reason I feel like I either deserve it or should have to take it.

(At this rate of manic reaction, I cannot wait to see what I am doing in an hour or so...)

-- D.S.


John said...

Over react much?

BobbyStompy said...


Michigan, too.

Unknown said...

Keep your head up. Hey, is the sun still going to come out tomorrow? Is there going to be food on your table tonight?

Not the end of the world by anymeans, just a loss.

OH and your tears taste like candy. :>