Friday, September 26, 2008

College Football Week 5 Preview and Picks

It will be hard to top the USC shocker. BTW, this is must-read analysis on USC in context. (And still more, from the CHFF crew.)

(1) USC over Oregon State -- HAPPY TO BE WRONG.
(2) Oklahoma over (24) TCU -- Prove-It Game.
(3) Georgia over (8) Alabama -- Game of the Week
(4) Florida over Ole Miss
(5) LSU over Mississippi St
(7) Texas over Arkansas
(9) Wisconsin over @Michigan
(12) Penn State over (22) Illinois -- GOTW Jr.
(13) South Florida over @NC St
(14) Ohio State over Minnesota
(15) Auburn over Tennessee
(16) Wake Forest over Navy
(17) Utah over Weber State
(20) Clemson over Maryland
(23) East Carolina over Houston
(25) Fresno State over @UCLA

Other Interesting Games:
UConn over Louisville -- Friday
Northwestern (4-0!) over @Iowa
Miami over UNC
Colorado over @Florida State
Purdue over Notre Dame

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hutlock said...

So if a loss to USC when they were #1 pushed the Buckeyes as far down as it did, I'm curious to see how far the USC loss to a totally unranked and not very good team will push them down. Any guesses? Knowing the way people slurp them, I'm gonna go with #5. Which is RONG. RONG. RONG.