Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BlogPoll Top 25 Week 4 Final Version

Aside from questions about ranking LSU ahead of USC (which I'm not changing), I didn't see any strong arguments to change my original ballot this week, which means I'm (a) doing something right; (b) swaying you into buying into my arguments; or (c) lost your attention completely.

One item: Penn State. Depending on the result of this weekend's game vs. Illinois, Penn State has a spot for itself in the Top 10 -- especially given that the Georgia-Alabama loser will inevitably fall out of the Top 10. I rank USF ahead of Penn State on the strength of the Bulls' win over Kansas. The biggest knock on Penn State is simple: Who have they played?

-- D.S.


nsrrder said...

Couldn't the "who have they played" argument be made for Oklahoma as well? Yet, you rank them above Georgia who has beaten South Carolina and Arizona State on the road. Too late to change your poll I know, but just saying.

Geo B said...

Hey Dan -

I'm a Penn State fan - and I agree with you. Beat Illinois, show us you aren't another cream puff schedule wannabe - then you might deserve top 10. I think our defense is missing too many players to lay a big whooping on another Big Ten team (but I hope I'm wrong).