Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday 09/27 Quickie/CFB Live-Blog

CFB Saturday ramping now: God bless ESPN Game Plan. Florida-Ole Miss will keep me busy from 12:30-4, then skimming around the country, then the biggies in primetime.

MLB Playoff Push: Brewers take lead for Wild Card, Mets choking it away, Phillies close in on NL East, Rays win AL East (!), White Sox can't take advantage of Twins loss.

Mariners GM search: Kim Ng? I'm so totally backing this. First woman GM in major pro sports? Now THAT is a barrier being broken.

So much for Kevin Johnson's bid for mayor of Sacramento...

NBA: Jason "White Chocoloate" Williams is retiring? Already? He is one of the most exciting -- if limited -- players of the last decade in which he was a pro.

CFB Last Night: UConn survives Louisville, barely. Enough to keep them in the Top 25? Perhaps not...

So wait: Lance won't come back in January?

-- D.S.


Brett said...

Forward, Rebels, march to fame,
Hit that line and win this game
We know that you'll fight it through,
For your colors red and blue.
Rah, rah, rah!
Rebels you are the Southland's pride,
Take that ball and hit your stride,
Don't stop till the victory's won
for your Ole Miss.
Fight, fight for your Ole Miss!

And From "Future Rebel" the Favorite Cheer!


Hell yes, damn right!!!
hoddy toddy gosh almighty
who in the hell are we...HEY!!!
flim flam, bim bam

WuzUpG said...

I thought you would at least post the most strangest MLB replay moment EVER!

Bengie Molina hits a ball off the facade of the rightfield wall and was substituted for a pinchrunner. Meanwhile, Bochy asks for a replay and the call was reversed because the ball hit the tin and left a green mark on the ball, as they showed it on the Giants' broadcast. However, once the pinchrunner touches first base, the substituted player cannot come back into the game, thus the pinchrunner (Burriss) is credited with the run scored, while Bengie is credited with the homerun.