Saturday, September 27, 2008

Post-Loss Update 2: Bargaining

Now, I could make an argument that Florida's BCS title-game hopes aren't entirely shot. But after watching this game, the idea of a 12-1 season with an SEC title -- having to still beat LSU, Georgia and the SEC West champ -- seems ludicrous.

Not to take anything away from Ole Miss or diminish Florida's 3 turnovers (their first 3 turnovers of the season, incredibly -- which, naturally, turned into 10 Ole Miss points). But let's be real here -- this bearishness is what I'd project if I wasn't a Gators fan.

(No, I have not been able to stop blogging, as promised above. It's therapeutic, I guess. Cripes, I remain so freaking disappointed.)

-- D.S.

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Unknown said...

no, no, no...

Florida can't go to the title game, they lost to an unranked team!!! In fact, you cannot even mention the two in the same thought.

These are your rules, you must live by them.