Saturday, September 27, 2008

PLU 3: Self-Help vs. Self-Medicating

I don't know what stage I'm in, but here's where my head is at right now: Dwelling on Florida's final play:

Heading into Florida's last play, it was 4th and 2 on the 31 with 55 seconds to go, down 1. They could try a 48-yard FG with either the kicker on the field when the game-tying XP was blocked or an untested true freshman kicker with a cannon leg. OR, they could go for "Tebow Time" and let Tebow go for the 2 yards they'd need for 4 more downs and inevitable better field position, for either the winning kick or a winning TD.

At the time, I was adamantly for the Tebow play -- give it to your best guy (well, besides Harvin) and let him make a play. Of course, Houston Nutt knew this too. And, now, I'm wondering if they shouldn't have tried the FG. Now, if they had missed the FG, I would be saying, "They should have gone with Tebow." So, in the end, I'm comfortable with the decision, but still struggling with the final result. In watching the replay -- ad nauseum -- sending Tebow up the middle was the mistake, because if he had bounced to the outside, there was no way a single Ole Miss defender was going to stop him from getting the 2 yards. Up the gut, however, it was 1 on 8.

(What happened to "Back Monday" you ask? Meh: Self-help through blogging rules.)

-- D.S.

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