Monday, September 22, 2008

CFB BlogPoll Top 25 Week 4 Ballot, Take 1

LSU is No. 1. At least on my ballot. And I'm surprised that their win at Auburn didn't nudge them up the "mainstream" polls. It's only the best single win of a season only four weeks old.

1 LSU 5
2 Southern Cal 1
3 Oklahoma 1
4 Georgia --
5 Florida --
6 Missouri 3
7 Texas --
8 Brigham Young --
9 Texas Tech 1
10 Alabama 4
11 South Florida 2
12 Penn State 1
13 Utah 3
14 Wisconsin 2
15 Boise State 8
16 Wake Forest 1
17 Auburn 2
18 Ohio State --
19 Kansas 6
20 Fresno State 6
21 Connecticut 2
22 Ball State 2
23 Vanderbilt 3
24 TCU 2
25 Oklahoma State 4

Dropped Out: East Carolina (#13), Nebraska (#20), Oregon (#22).

As always, let me know where I'm off (or way off). Those of you who have done this all season know that I totally buy into good counter-arguments. Please keep in mind that, in general, I like to reward non-BCS teams in the 21-25 spot ahead of comparable BCS teams with similarly weak non-conf schedules.

-- D.S.


Anonymous said...

This actually looks pretty sensible, though I'm doubtful that if USC and LSU played this Saturday on a neutral field that the Tigers would be victorious.

Johnny b said...

Pssst Dan I know you quit following the Big 10 (+1) since you took your wife's team but in case you missed it PSU beat Temple 45-3 and called the game "sloppy"

This is a really good team. Might be a little thin up front on defense but that offense is shaping up to be something special and can put points up in a blink of an eye. Of course they haven't played anybody yet and we'll have a better read on them after this week when Illinois comes to town

Brehm said...

Although Nebraska was probably overrated based off current resume at 20...What did they do to warrant falling off completely due to an off week?

the_scrobocop said...

Although LSU did look solid, it's important to remember that Auburn's offense lit up Mississippi State's D for...3 points? Against LSU they were good for 14. Not exactly world-beating, but it was almost enough. Eventually, LSU will fall behind and Les Miles will call a trick play that fails. Then, LSU will appear inferior and gimmicky, as opposed to opportunistic and cagey.

Ted Hill said...

Dan Dan Dan, again huh?

I understand why you would put LSU #1. It doesn't make it right, but I at least understand it.

I'll give credit where it's due, I like that you have BYU ahead of where most people have them. In my opinion they should be #6 but that's not a big difference.

Vanderbilt is not for real. SEC bias alert.

lancer said...

Well done Dan. Really USC should not be number #1 after only playing two games so far. What, do they only play 10 games this year, and get to skip a conference champ game too? I am annoyed with USC. Great talent, but not unbeatable. Virginia and Ohio state were not the best gages. One good thing about schedules, is conference games almost always come with a surprise here and there. Watch out USC.