Saturday, September 27, 2008

Florida Loses to Ole Miss at The Swamp

Yes, I'm devastated.

I will follow my own protocols: BCS championship hopes? Over.

Back Monday. Maybe.

-- D.S.


Kurt said...

Hahahahahahahahaa, kill yourself!

Johnny b said...

This is just karma's way of coming back to bite you on the ass for taking so much joy in USC's lost

Michael W said...

Karmic payback for chortling at USC's loss.

Y'know, an Oregon State v. Ole' Miss game sounds like it could be pretty sweet right about now.

JCT said...


Why the hell does Moody not get more playing time.

Luke Bell said...

But the SEC is soooo tough!

Ol' Miss? At home? Uhhh yeah, maybe not so much.

Unknown said...


Sorry, buddy, but you did have it coming to you. And now I am extremely scared about OU's game tonight.