Saturday, September 27, 2008

Post-Loss Update 4: Worst Loss Ever?

With 2 hours to continue to dwell on it, I would rank this as the most disappointing loss of my 8-year Florida fandom.

Last season's loss at LSU was tough, but it was to a national champion team in their house.

The loss to Georgia last season was a shellacking -- it was hard to say "Shoulda won."

The season-killing loss in '01 to Tennessee? In my rookie year, I don't think I knew enough to suffer as much as the moment merited.

The losses of the Zook Era? Eh: Hard not to say, "Eh, sort of unsurprising."

The loss to Auburn in 2006 was about as bad as I've ever felt about a Gators loss -- but in hindsight, the national championship wiped that one clean.

This one, though? Gut-wrenching. No. 1 on my list.

(Yes, this will continue...)

- D.S


JT said...

Approaching '05 South Carolina. Wife and I didn't speak to each other the rest of the weekend.

Brett said...

Biggest upset this year. Because upset perhaps in a couple years because you guys were at home. Not like USC on the road or Boise in a neutral site.

admin said...

dan -

not sure i would have run the tebow play on 4th. yeah, if it works it's moot. but we all knew it was coming. why not spread the field and then run up the middle? why not get under center and just push for the yard? very shaky play calling...

too bad. with a win we would have been set.