Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday 09/22 A.M. Quickie:
Pats, Cowboys, Felix Jones, LSU, Rays, More

I couldn't help myself: I couldn't contain my schadenfreude over the Pats' Worst. Home Loss. Ever. yesterday. (At least of the Belichick Era, which is pretty much when the Pats' relevancy began. Just ask their fans.)

It leads today's SN column, which couldn't be more loaded -- and I know I've said that two days in a row, but Fridays and Mondays are just sort of like that.

But it's not all gleeful Pats talk. There's Ronnie Brown worship. It was the best day of his career -- perhaps the Dolphins should consider playing him at QB more than just a handful of times.

And then there's Felix Jones. Everyone loves Felix Jones. How can you not love Felix Jones? Every time he touches the ball, there's a chance he'll take it to the house. Most popular rookie? By far.

The SN column has the rest of the big NFL storylines from yesterday.

Meanwhile, I'll dig into college football later this morning when I release the "1.0" version of my BlogPoll ballot, but I find it odd that no AP voters agree with me that, as of today, LSU is No. 1.

(What a set-up for next week's huge game between Georgia and Alabama. Meanwhile, USC plays Oregon State -- yup, another excruciatingly tough game for the Trojans.)

The Rays are in the playoffs. Yes, they can still bolster their HFA opportunities, but they're in the playoffs. What I like most about the Rays making the playoffs after their short miserable history is that it should allow every/any fan to say: "My team has no excuse." That's amazing for baseball -- far more amazing than the Red Sox or Cubs spending like crazy to break curses.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure it's worth looking at the NL playoff picture until Friday, because I think the Phils and Mets need to work some things out this week -- and the Brewers, too.

Sorry: Can't get excited about the Ryder Cup. (Slightly more interesting: Kyle Busch's implosion in the NASCAR Chase. This is the equivalent of a 1-seed losing in the first weekend -- if not to the No. 16 seed -- of the NCAA Tournament.)

Goodbye, Yankee Stadium. Perhaps good riddance, too. I do like the look of the new place, however. And the Yankees will move into it with the stank of this season still attached to it.

Again: Felix Jones.

Complete SN column here
. BlogPoll ballot coming at 11:30-ish.

-- D.S.


Jay Smith said...

Excellent post, thank you!

CorrND said...

It's pretty funny that the Yankees are 14 games over .500 -- and still have a prayer of a 90 win season -- and using the phrase "stank of this season" really isn't unreasonable at all.

bird said...

Here in South Florida, the Dolphins' victory yesterday is engendering about as much interest as, oh I don't know--maybe the undefeated season?? It's one game, and for the Dolphins' fans sake, I hope there'll be at least one more this season!!