Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is Erin Andrews a Journalist?

I am a big Erin Andrews fan -- but not in the skeevy "heh-heh-she's-hot" mouth-breather way. And I have absolutely no problems with Erin Andrews getting endorsement deals.

But as with all sports-TV folks doing endorsements -- whether it's Dan Patrick or EA or Stuart Scott -- all I ask is that they stop calling themselves "journalists."

If she is going to take endorsement dollars -- and, again, I say go for it! -- Erin Andrews is not a journalist. That's great; hell, most of us would gladly take the money.

"Journalist" is just a title. But for those for whom that title means something, don't demean it by claiming it AND cashing that check from a sponsor.

The solution is simple and obvious: Take the endorsement money -- for god's sake, take the money! -- but stop claiming "journalist" status.

-- D.S.

(This doesn't include people like Dick Vitale or Kirk Herbstreit, who were never journalists to begin with -- but shouldn't be claimed under the "news" division if they're going to shill for products.)


John said...

It would be nice if you actually provided an example or two of EA referring to herself as a journalist.

Dan Shanoff said...

John said...

That's Deadspin referring to her as a journalist, not EA referring to herself as a journalist.

Unknown said...

I gotta agree with John on this one too. The deadspin article is them referring to her as a journalist. The original article they were basing it off of, she never said a word about being a journalist.

On top of that, looking at the official definition of journalism ( The collecting, writing, editing, and presenting of news or news articles in newspapers and magazines and in radio and television broadcasts. ) I can completely see her calling herself a journalist (if she ever did... which, so far, it appears she hasn't).

I really don't see your argument in this at all to be honest. Nor do I really see why you would care so much.

Crackpot Press said...

I'm torn on this one. I don't think shilling for Pizza Hut or Gillette compromises journalistic integrity.

Edward R. Murrow shilled cigarettes every night. Hall of fame announcer/reporter Vin Scully hocks Farmer John. ESPN and FOX SPORTS sell advertising space to every stat.

All news shows have commercials. Susie Orman has MBNA sponsorship.