Friday, September 19, 2008

NFL Week 3 Picks

Week 3 Mania. Don't forget to make your picks.

Chiefs (+4.5) over FALCONS
Raiders (+8.5) over BILLS
BEARS (-3.5) over Bucs
Texans (+4.5) over TITANS
Panthers (+3.5) over VIKINGS
Dolphins (+12.5) over PATS*
GIANTS (-13.5) over Bengals
Cards (+3.5) over REDSKINS
BRONCOS (-5.5) over Saints
Lions (+3.5) over 49ERS
SEAHAWKS (-9.5) over Rams
RAVENS (-1.5) over Browns
EAGLES (-2.5) over Steelers
COLTS (-5.5) over Jags
Cowboys (-2.5) over PACKERS
CHARGERS (-8.5) over Jets

After Week 2: Tied for 43rd out of 173. Top quartile! (Little-known fact: Better than my high school GPA rank!)

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Mr. Cathedral Hill said...

Then how the heck did you get into Medill?