Saturday, October 18, 2008

CFB Saturday Viewing Guide and Live-Blog

Early Evening: Well, Penn State certainly turned that around. Meanwhile, Alabama nearly lost it. (That said: Michigan is terrible, while Ole Miss is probably the best 3-4 team in the country in years.)

Oklahoma has blown the doors off Kansas -- honestly, is it fair to ask whether Oklahoma State and Oklahoma are better than Penn State? Let's lose the Paterno Bias, shall we? Call me after Penn State thumps Ohio State similar to the way USC did.

Late Afternoon
: Penn State WTF?!?!?!... On the other end of the spectrum, Alabama is quieting doubters by thumping a fiesty Ole Miss... Ohio State is creeping back into Top 10 territory (but they really aren't a great team by any stretch)...

Early Afternoon:
Vandy's D is really tough, but Georgia's offense is not what it was a year ago... Texas Tech left little doubt this week... Big big homecoming win for Northwestern

Noon: Purdue at Northwestern
(P-i-P: Vandy/Georgia - GamePlan)
Update: Added TX Tech/TX A&M
3:30: Ole Miss at Alabama (CBS)
(Tracking: Ohio St/Mich St - ABC
(Tracking: Kansas/Oklahoma - ABC)
4:30: Michgan at Penn St (ESPN)
(Only to track size of blowout. Update: OR NOT)
8:00: Missouri at Texas (ABC)
(Tracking: LSU at S. Carolina- ESPN)
(Tracking-ish: VA Tech at BC - ESPN2)


Paul L Carter said...

Yes, Northwestern won, and CBS showed a replay in which the Wildcats scored a touchdown by running...the Wildcat.

Michael W said...

I don't think Penn State can beat OSU the way USC did, even on the top of their game. OSU wasn't a quality team with Wells out when they played USC, but they are a completely different team with their running game going. Penn State looked rather vulnerable to the run today, too.

Ohio State isn't top 5, but they are much better now than they were against USC.

Unknown said...

Paterno bias? Not sure what you're talking about here. If there's any bias related to Joe Paterno, it's against him. Need I remind you that he has 6 undefeated seasons but only 2 national championships? I think it's fair to ask the question of who is better between Oklahoma and Penn State, but I don't see any Paterno bias.