Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday 10/13 A.M. Quickie:
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No baby yet!

Which fan base is most pissed this morning? That's not how I put it in today's SN column, but that's the essence of it.

Is it the Phillies fans? They don't ever need much of a reason, let alone a "brush-down" pitch en route to a 7-2 Game 3 clobbering in L.A.

Is it the Redskins fans? Beat the Cowboys and Eagles on the road, then lose at home to the Rams. Yeesh.

Is it Alabama fans? They arguably "lost" their bye week, vaulted by Texas. (Or is it Penn State fans, seemingly well behind both the Big 12 and SEC leaders in terms of BCS respect.)

I have to say Phillies. Just because they're always a little pissed, and actually doing something to make them pissed will make 'em even more feral.

NFL: The Redskins choked. The Cowboys choked. The Vikings were lucky. The Falcons are mystifying. Dan Orlovsky is a punch-line. Reggie Bush should be classified as a WR in fantasy.

And the Pats are a shadow of their '07 selves. The Chargers are a very good team -- record notwithstanding. And the Pats were working on a second straight West Coast game. Still: They got shellacked, and the offense feels limp. (You know what QB would make it on 4th-and-1? Tebow. He sure will look good -- if soul-crushing to me personally -- in a Pats uni next season.) I put this out there in the column: Is there any more evidence how valuable Brady is to the Pats than their current state?

CFB: Be sure to scroll down to the post below and weigh in on my BlogPoll Top 25 ballot. will post the consensus ballot later this morning, but -- as always -- I'll take your comments into consideration before filing my final ballot tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, I'm glad the poll voters -- AP, Coaches, Harris -- saw the wisdom of putting Texas No. 1. (Additionally, putting Bama and Penn State 2 and 3.)

I will say this: Oklahoma State is getting screwed, and here's why: They didn't generate a single vote in the preseason poll, so they have had to overcome THAT all season long, which is why they are where they are -- rather than at No. 4, which is where I have them.

They beat Mizzou at Mizzou for god's sake; as far as resumes go, that is arguably the best win of the year by any Top 25 team (Texas beating Oklahoma, while impressive, came on a neutral field and by a fellow Top 5 team).

I must have seen that new Nike Football commercial with LT and Polamalu about 12 times this weekend, and it still hasn't gotten old.

Complete SN column here. More later. (Unless there's labor.)

-- D.S.


Geo B said...

As a Penn Stater, I have no problem with PSU 3rd - until they beat OSU they still haven't beaten anyone.

Very satisfying to win big on the road, but against a team that's now 0-3 in the Big 10, that's still not a "signature" win. Glad to be in the top 5, glad to be in position to move into the top 2 IF (big IF) Texas or Alabama don't win out - but until we finally beat Michigan, survive @OSU - PSU has still not "proved it". Hoping they do! ;-)

PS - could the leg injury be what retires JoePa? If so this is the team that made it worth him staying. Makes you question

Solving the worlds problems said...

Will Tom Brady earn MVP votes due to his absence this season? The offense has made the Defense look even older with bad field position and a lack of long sustained drives to help them get the oxygen their old lungs so desperately need...