Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday 12/20 (Very) Quickie

I can't believe Lou Holtz and I were in Gainesville at the same time and I didn't spot him around campus yesterday, let alone hear him give a patented "Dr. Lou" pep talk to the football team...

Bowl season starts today with a quadruple-header -- did you enter the Bowl Pick 'Em group? You missed the cut-off for Wake-Navy, but you can still get in.

UPDATE: Wake rolls, as expected.

Meanwhile, what a four-game group of hoops today, headlined by Xavier-Duke -- a must-see. But all four are pretty must-see, especially to store away for picks in March.

UPDATE: Wow, Duke is just kicking Xavier's ass all over the place. Did NOT expect that. Hey, at least Texas-Michigan St. is competitive. Gonzaga-UConn and Davidson-Purdue -- both Sweet 16 or Elite Eight quality matchups -- run at 4.

Wade trumps Kobe. Celtics win 17th in a row. St. Thomas Aquinas will be the national champ of high school football. Richmond wins the 1-AA football national title. More later.

UPDATE: What is it about the Auburn-Iowa State connection? First Chizik is hired from ISU to Auburn; now, former Auburn DC Rhoads is hired to coach Iowa State.

-- D.S.


Brett said...

"Wake rolls"

Did you watch the game? Navy had a lead nearly the whole game. Riley Skinner led the Demon Deacons on a 4th quarter drive to take the lead. Then Navy had a bad possession and turned the ball over with two minutes left. Wake scored a garbage late TD (to cover) and it ended up being a ten point game.

Watching 80% of the game I would say that Wake barely got by a game Navy team. "Rolled" is simply the wrong word.

Once again, please comment on the games you watch fully. You cannot comment on just seeing a box score.

Unknown said...

Looks like Big Ten b-ball might be deeper than people thought to start the season. Michigan is the only team to have beaten Duke. Minnesota is undefeated and just beat Louisville. Ohio State is undefeated. Michigan State is finally getting healthy and just beat Texas in Texas. Purdue is blowing out Davidson.