Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday 12/17 A.M. Quickie:
JoePa, All-Americans, Pro Bowlers, More

Penn State is sort of like the banking industry a few years ago -- there's an upheaval coming, but they keep wanting to push it off. JoePa is the lead of today's SN column.

Sure: Give the 82-year-old (on Sunday!) a 3-year contract extension. Maybe it's all a facade to let him go on his terms, because I cannot imagine him coaching at age 85.

I don't want to get into a debate about whether he is an able coach -- obviously, he did something right this season (likely, letting his assistants do everything).

But at what point will Penn State let him go and begin a new era? "Coach-in-Waiting" doesn't seem to be an option -- but Penn State is the optimal place for it to happen, isn't it?

Really, what I should have led with was a comparison of college football's "All-American" team and the NFL's "Pro Bowl" accolade.

Frankly, I like the NFL's system better -- a combination of fan vote, player vote and media vote. The AP (or SN) All-Americans are media-only -- as if fans couldn't pick an A-A team?

College A-As feel like splitting hairs -- if you're only picking 2 WRs or 2 RBs or one "all-purpose" player, can you really decide between the 2 guys on the first team and the 2 guys on the 2nd team (or even 3rd team)?

College hoops long ago dropped the mandatory G-G-F-F-C construct; it was the best five players. I recognize that football can't do that, but I'd certainly like to see 4 WRs on the first team, rather than 2 -- most teams run that many WRs. Or both a "drop-back" QB and a "dual-threat" QB.

I don't know -- it just seems kind of ludicrous.

Of course, not as ludicrous as Brett Favre being a Pro Bowler. Or 7 Jets. (7!) And, at some point, MLB's system of requiring at least one All-Star from each team begins to make sense. How can you leave Calvin Johnson out of the Pro Bowl?

The good news for the snubbed is that the biggest tradition of the Pro Bowl is NOT playing in the Pro Bowl. Maybe if/when they move the game to the week before the Super Bowl, rather than after it, fans will tune in -- and players will have interest.

Also found in today's column: Lamar Odom! Chris Paul! Padraig Harrington! Turner Gill! Urban Meyer! DeMarco Murray!

Find it all here. More later.

-- D.S.


Johnny b said...

Just becuase you can't see Joe coaching at 85 doesn't mean it won't happen. Did you really see him coaching at age 82?

And you're completely wrong that he let his assistants do everything. He is still actively involved in the team and coaching. You know how he hurt his hip? It was demostrating an onside kick durning practice. The man should coach as long as he wants and as long as his health lets him.

Drunken Loo said...

All-American spots for drop back QB and mobile QB, but what about left-handed QB?