Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baseball Prospectus 2009 Projections

Red Sox: 98 wins.
Yankees: AL Wild Card.
Rays: NOT in playoffs with 92 wins.
Indians win the AL Central; A's win AL West.
Mets, Cubs, D'backs and a WC tie in NL.
See the sage analysis here.

(Remember: It was in these projections a year ago that Nate Silver correctly predicted the rise o the Rays and kicked off what would become the Year of Silver, across sports and politics.)

-- D.S.


Ryan said...

"Indians win the AL East"

That is quite the bold prediction.

Frank said...

Typo here, methinks..."Indians win AL East"? I think you mean Sox, or AL Central, one or the other.

So Sox 1, Yanks 2, Rays on the outside looking in? I like that...

Michael W said...

Just curious: does the projection include Ramirez with any team? I don't subscribe so I can't tell.