Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday 02/14 (Very Valentine) Quickie

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

I love that Kevin Durant had his break-out NBA moment last night in the Rookie-Soph game. (46! 46 points! Even in a no-D all-star-ish event, that's amazing. 17/25 FG, 4/8 3-pt, 8/8 FT and a team-high 7 rebounds)

I don't love that there is another "witness for the prosecution" against Barry Bonds. (Where was she before? Was this meant to be a surprise? Although it's pretty damning: The witness said she actually saw Bonds injecting himself. I think Bonds' defense could beat that back -- beyond the "how do we know you're not lying," does she know what was in the syringe?)

I love that Charlie Weis will be Notre Dame's offensive coordinator -- one more area where he can stumble (Oh, save it, ND fans: I'm just playing. I'm sure he'll do GREAT.)

I don't love the Shawn Marion-Jermaine O'Neal trade. (Well, I love trades involving big names, but doesn't this repudiate both teams acquiring the guys in the first place?)

I love that the Falcons are trying to trade Mike Vick -- WHILE HE'S STILL IN PRISON.

I don't love that I have absolutely no idea what to make of the Big East -- just when Villanova looks like it is hitting its stride, they lose to West Virginia (themselves a Tourney-worthy team -- Da'Sean Butler...43? Wow, that was Durant-ish.).

I love that Lane Kiffin has YET ANOTHER recruiting violation. (Sure, it's another ticky-tack one, but at some point they aggregate into a chronic condition.)

I love that the U. unveiled "Alex Rodriguez Park" yesterday.

Hmm: You think that Michael Jordan will make the Basketball Hall of Fame? (He and Stockton and the Admiral are locks, of course. I think Mullin should be considered a lock, too -- and he won't make it, but I'd vote for Bernard King -- plus, Dennis Johnson and Cynthia Cooper, too. And, for coaches, I think Don Nelson and Jerry Sloan should both be in.)

What I'm watching today/tonight:
*NBA Dunk Contest

-- D.S.

UPDATE: Wow, Arizona sure looked good today while dismantling UCLA. You all know I'm a sucker for UCLA the past few seasons, and I'm no fan of Arizona -- it's hard to know whether to file away this win for my bracket picks in March... or work harder to disregard it, knowing how chokey Zona is in March. That team will be a bracket-buster, one way or the other.

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