Monday, February 09, 2009

A-Rod: "I'm Very Sorry"

A-Rod was never very popular to begin with, but I think he'll find that fans (if not the media) are a lot more forgiving of a player who (a) 'fesses up and (b) apologizes. Smart move.

(Longtime readers know that crisis management is one of my favorite topics. HOW someone is reacting to crisis, not simply what that crisis may be. A-Rod will pull this off. Now, he only needs the contrition tour: He can start with Gammons, but he's gotta hit Costas on MLB Network, PTI, Baseball Prospectus, the whole gamut.)

For those who like punitive justice, might I suggest subtracting (or asterisking) 156 HR from his career total, covering the years from 2001-2003 that he was in Texas and admitted to using PEDs?

-- D.S.

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Andrew Snyder said...

Hey Dan, I think you're right. Media and fans are going to go easier than they should on A-Rod, simply because he said he's sorry. And it started today with Gammons. Here are a few questions that could have been asked:

1. How can you claim such deep respect for the game, when you're fundamentally disrespecting the individual performance records so firmly planted at the core of the game and its history?

2. Why do you expect people to believe your sincerity this time around (you previously seemed so sincere when you looked Katie Couric in the eye and claimed that you had never even been tempted to use PEDs in the past)?

3. You make it sound like you don't really know what exactly you took (maybe something off the shelf at GNC? Come on...McGwire already went down that road) or who gave it to you. If you don't know what it was or from whom you got it, how do you know your consumption of PEDs was isolated to 2001-2003?

4. Do you understand the full depth of the shame you have brought on yourself and the game?

Gammons let him off the hook, but I hope the rest of the media reserves harsher judgement for him.