Thursday, March 05, 2009

NBA Non-Competitiveness, Cont'd

"Almost every team in the NBA is playing for something": I appreciate Henry's optimism here.

But regardless of who makes the playoffs, only a handful of teams are actually -- y'know -- sincerely competing for a championship. Maybe, for some, "making the playoffs alone" or "developing young talent" is the competitive goal. Maybe.

But those can also be called euphemisms for "If we try too hard to win, it might cost too much. And we can't have THAT."

I'm sorry: My cynicism about the NBA owners' essential cynicism is kind of insurmountable right now. I would like nothing more than to have a little of Henry's optimism rub off on me.

There are obvious exceptions to this: How can you not like what Sam Presti is trying to build -- from scratch -- in OKC. Even if it's now obvious the Thunder is actually better without Kevin Durant. (Kidding!*)

-- D.S.

*- Sort of.

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