Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday 03/03 (Rehab) Quickie

Hopefully back to the SN column tomorrow morning. Just stretching my legs today...

LeBron 42, D-Wade 41. (But more impressive was the Cavs' 11-point 4th-quarter comeback, which makes up for last week's tank vs. Houston.)

If the Seahawks weren't going to spend on a premier WR free agent like TJ Houshmandzadeh, how else were they going to spend their money? At least he knows he'll be The Man there.

Kurt Warner to the 49ers? He could be leading his 2nd straight NFC West turnaround job.

Where will Jason Taylor end up? I'll say: Not Miami. Do they really need that drama queen?

Said it last year, will say it again this year: What contender in their right mind couldn't use Barry Bonds? (In the NFL, this would never happen.)

Enjoy the NIT, Notre Dame fans.

Wait: The Nuggets expect their players to listen to George Karl? Why start now?

WBC: If I was a team exec, I wouldn't let my pitcher come close to the WBC roster. The USA infield has got star power, though: Jeter, Rollins, Pedroia, Wright, Youk.

Eh: Still feeling sore. And watch out for the rust raining down on you as you read this. Hopefully, SN column returns tomorrow.

-- D.S.

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