Tuesday, March 03, 2009

NBA: Tanking As Strategy, League-Wide

Wall Street Journal follows my lead: I believe I wrote a few weeks ago both here and in the SN column about this. Now, please stop insisting that your NBA teams aren't tanking.

And, as I pointed out then: (1) It will get even worse next season, and (2) Plenty of teams will use "2010!" as a diversion to cut costs -- and stay non-competitive -- well beyond 2010.

-- D.S.


Andrew said...

I for one would like to see some American sports leagues implement relegation. Would certainly end tanking..

WuzUpG said...

We know the Warriors are tanking with their "youth" movement and by sitting out a player for an entire game. Well, the Warriors have a bonehead strategy of stocking up on 2-guards.

BD said...

I think tanking is a bit strong. Tanking was the Oden Durant sweepstakes with Michael Redd and various "injured" stars riding the pine.

This economic environment is more like surviving. If Simmons guesses/scoops on the amount of teams in SERIOUS ie Bankruptcy potential is right on, I think teams have a responsibility to their cities and fans to tank/cut costs in any way possible.

Honestly, I'd rather watch the Bucks as a cast of low salaried young players vs not watch them at all.

The other huge upside to fans is the amount of incredible ticket deals that will continue to emerge.

btw: High hopes for the new WSJ Sports page.