Saturday, October 10, 2009

College Football Gameday Live

As my wife and I set up our apartment for my second kid's 1st birthday party -- "college football tailgate" is the theme, naturally -- I'm reminded that his due date was the night of last year's Florida-LSU game (Oct. 11), which my wife and I ID'ed as soon as we initially got the due date. Jonah held off his arrival until the 14th, allowing us to enjoy the Florida romp. How thoughtful of the kid. It's like he knew. For the record, he has never experienced a Florida football loss in his lifetime....

7:49 pm: Not only is Tebow cleared to play, but all signs point to him STARTING. Wow. It will be hard to watch him without cringing at the mere thought of a rough hit.

Tebow's Eye-Black tonight: Thessalonians 5:18 (Be thankful, no matter what has happened.)


*Alabama is very very good. (Yes, Jevan Snead is entirely overrated -- he's even flat mediocre. But Bama is a machine.)

*So much for Auburn -- my question for Arkansas is: How did you lose to Georgia, which got clocked at Tennessee. (I may have to make Arkansas a rare 2-loss entry in my Top 25.)

*That was a quality win for Ohio State. That was not a quality win for Penn State.

*That was a must-win for Oklahoma State (a game I thought they would lose). That was an even better win for Houston, at Mississippi State. Houston has more/better quality wins than most of the Top 10.

*I think I have been overrating Kansas.

Whew. Let's get this thing going.


Unknown said...

You incorrectly complained about the hit at the end of the ND game last week...what are your feelings on the Gator reciever pulling on the db's shirt to score FLA's only TD?

stef said...

Happy Birthday to your kid! I love the stat that he has never experienced a Florida loss in his lifetime. I hope the streak continues indefinitely!