Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday 10/09 Quickie: Tebow vs. LSU,
Holliday, Hamels, Lackey, NFL Week 5

Well, of COURSE I was going to lead today's SN column with my up-to-the-minute take on Tim Tebow vs. LSU.

Will he be cleared to play? Yes.
Will he be dressed to play? Yes.
Will he actually play? No.

The only scenario I can see Tebow playing is if John Brantley is awful -- bad fumbles, atrocious picks. But here's the reality: Urban Meyer will have a system to save Brantley from downside risk.

It won't be pretty, but it will be effective. Florida will rely on its sick defense, its spectacular special teams and its depth of quality RBs. All Brantley has to do is be... good enough.

Florida wins 27-16...without Tebow.

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And a lot more.

Check it out here. More later, including weekly CFB picks.

-- D.S.

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