Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New Yahoo/Tebow: Win-Lose, Play-Don't
Tebow's Injury Transcends Game Outcome

My latest Tebow-related Yahoo column is live, and the crux is that Tebow could play or not play -- and Florida could win or lose -- and his status is still THE story of the game.

LSU beats Florida without Tebow? "Yeah, but the Gators didn't have Tebow."

Florida beats LSU without Tebow? "Wow, the Gators won even without Tebow."

LSU beats Florida with Tebow? "Yeah, but Tebow was not Tebow."

Florida beats LSU with Tebow? "What CAN'T Tebow do?"

I also reiterate my week-long positions:

(1) I think Florida can beat LSU -- even AT Death Valley -- without Tebow.

(That's a combination of Florida's sick defense, sick special teams, sick RBs and very capable backup QB, plus LSU not looking particularly overwhelming the last two weeks.)

(2) Even if he's "cleared" to play, isn't the (re-)injury risk particularly acute?

Anyway, if you're interested, please take a read -- and, as always, check out TimTeblog for even more obsessive coverage of Tebow. (But I think you'll be surprised: It's not especially fawning. That's not the point. There's too much analysis to do to clutter it up with fanboy praise.)

-- D.S.

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