Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday 10/26 Quickie: Yankees, Giants, BCS, Saints, Redskins, Celtics, More

Particularly loaded SN column this morning:

*The Yankees better not be satisfied. The stat isn't "back in World Series for first time since 2003" (look how THAT turned out); it better be "World Series champs for first time since 2000."

*From the "just when you think you have the NFL figured out" file, there's the Cards beating the Giants in NY -- with defense, of all things.

*From the "so obvious it was 'when' not 'if'" file, there's Brett Favre's rally-killing pick-6 yesterday against the Steelers. (To be fair: Wasn't a classic Favre sling-the-ball-downfield pick.)

*It's just the Saints' year.

*Did anyone -- and I mean anyone in the country -- start Alex Smith as their fantasy QB? No? OK: Your proxy is if you started Vernon Davis.

*BCS: As someone who is on the TCU bandwagon -- see my BlogPoll ballot directly below -- I am thrilled they vaulted Boise State and are now in position to claim the non-BCS team's BCS spot.

*Is Florida the best team in the country? No. (I count 3 teams ahead of them.) But Florida DOES have the best defense in the country, and the special teams are still spectacular. That should be enough to make up for the fact that the offense has stalled out.

*If you had to fill out a Top 3 Heisman ballot today, who would you put? I'm having trouble with it, but I'll say TCU DE Jerry Hughes, Texas QB Colt McCoy and... oh... I'll pass on No. 3. (But Tebow ain't out of it -- see the rebound McCoy makes between last week and this week.)

*SN's NBA Countdown reaches No. 3, and it's the Celtics -- I scoff. Even if KG is healthy, who's going to guard Dwight Howard again? More than that: Who's going to guard Rashard Lewis? (Rasheed Wallace? Ha! Sure.)

*If Duke is being picked to be the ACC co-champ, the ACC is going to have a terrible season.

There's a ton more. Check it out here. More later.

-- D.S.


the bankrupt museum said...

Dan - even as a fellow Favre-loather, I've got to chime in to say you can't put any part of that game-ending pick on Favre. (Be patient, there will come a time). Bottom line: I could've caught that screen pass that Chester Taylor flubbed.

Dad Solo said...

Don't worry, the SEC is determined to keep Florida undefeated.