Friday, October 30, 2009

This Week In Tebow at

I may not write a more profound tweet than this:

What does "hyper-topical" journalism mean? It means reporting that Lil Wayne's rhyme with "Tim Tebow" is "Grim Reflow."

What a great way to end the week -- The Week in Tebow. If you're not making it over to every day (you're not?!), here are the highlights:

*Tim Tebow and Lil Wayne: The Lost Lyrics

*Tim Tebow vs. Herschel Walker: Qualitative | Quantitative

*Is Tim Tebow having any fun this season? (And shouldn't that matter?)

*More on the misconception about Tim Tebow's religious enthusiasm.

*Struggle? What strugge? Tebow and Co. CAN go 14-0 on just "good enough."

*Is Tebow out of the Heisman race? For now, yes. But not for good.

*What do Florida's troubles in the red zone portend? Less Tebow, more RBs.

*Yahoo Bonus: Why last Saturday night was the low point of Tim Tebow's career.

Your key Tebow storylines for the Cocktail Party:

*Red-zone: Will they leave the ball in Tebow's hands? Will he go under center? Will the Gators score TDs?

*History: With one more rushing TD, Tebow passes Herschel as the SEC's career leader.

*Heis-mentum (ugh): I'm predicting a big game for Tebow and Florida's offense. If so, he is back in the Heisman discussion -- despite the issues, he's STILL in the Top 5, even this week.

*Halloween: Mrs. Quickie and I are taking our 3-year-old and 1-year-old trick-or-treating from 5-6 p.m. Yes, that is right in the middle of the game. Don't text, don't call: It's all on DVR.

-- D.S.

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