Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday 11/16 Quickie: Belichick,
NFL Week 10, TCU/BCS, Jennings

You either recognize that Bill Belichick made the right decision -- regardless of outcome -- or you don't. That's the dividing line this morning.

In today's SN column, I couldn't be more clear about it: Belichick made the right call.

You can go by the numbers -- which support going for it -- or you can just use common sense:

Do you think the Pats offense can go the 2 yards needed and seal the win... or do you think the Pats D can stop the Colts offense, no matter if they needed to go 30 yards or 70. I'll bet on the former.

OK, so it didn't work -- that doesn't mean it wasn't the better choice and the right call.

I'm intrigued -- but not surprised -- by the instant history last night that second-guessed Belichick.

But I think that it will be a measure of how far analytical-based decision-making has come if today's morning-after reconsideration is that he made the right choice, regardless of outcome.

Bill Belichick may be the best coach to have done this -- it's hard to question the guy, as opposed to some lesser coach doing it.

But it may also erode recent gains in analytical-based decision-making -- the thinking being, "Well, if it doesn't work for Belichick, it won't work for ME."

This story will eclipse any other great storylines from the weekend -- notably TCU's awesomeness, USChadenfreude and the Brandon Jennings Bandwagon.

It's a loaded column today -- check it out here. More later.

And prepare yourself for Secondguess-Gate.

-- D.S.

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