Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday 11/17 Quickie: Belichick,
Wall, Jennings, Quinn, MLB Awards

I've got a new theory about the allergic reaction to Bill Belichick's decision-making that exploded all over sports media yesterday. It's the lead of today's SN column and I have another post coming at 11:30 to dig into it.

But that was only the biggest story on an otherwise interesting day:

*John Wall: How can you not love a buzzer-beater in his debut? But, wow, would it have been amazing to see what would have happened had Miami actually pulled off the upset in Lexington.

*Here's how crazy the expectations for Brandon Jennings are right now: 25 points in a near-miss against Dallas is considered a let-down.

*Stephen Jackson's arrival in Charlotte wasn't nearly as important or interesting as Rashard Lewis's return to Orlando's lineup.

*The Browns are awful. Brady Quinn is awful. Eric Mangini is awful. I'm not sure where this team goes from here, but Sam Bradford ain't the solution.

*Anyone else up for St. Peter's-Monmouth this morning?

*Someone's leaking damning evidence against Rich Rodriguez -- I think Michigan is trying to hedge, giving themselves an out if/when they want to fire him after this season.

(I cannot imagine that they aren't looking at Stanford and wondering how Jim Harbaugh would look on the sidelines in Ann Arbor right now. How could he turn down that job?)

*The MLB Rookie of the Year awards were conventional -- Conventional? The BBWAA? NO! -- and there were probably more interesting choices to be selected.

Check out the whole column here. More later.

-- D.S.

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