Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday 11/19 Quickie: Spiller, LeBron, Dolphins, Russell, MLB Awards, More

This morning was a weird one -- tons to talk about, but not one big lead story to drive the day, like there was after "4th-and-2" earlier this week.

That makes this a great moment to offer a quick PSA to be sure to check out, if you aren't already. I'm cranking out good posts over there: Four yesterday alone, including such topics as Tebow's Heisman chances (this week, at least), whether Tebow and Florida are "bored," the anniversary of Tebow's breakthrough "starter-ish" game as a freshman and, of course, the latest on "Tebow's girlfriend."

Anyway, I could have (but didn't!) led today's SN column with Tebow for two reasons: SN's latest mock draft has Tebow slipping out of the first round altogether (this after having him in the Top 10 as recently as a month ago), and an Orlando Sentinel story that Tebow's NFL stock has plummeted.

But let's think happier thoughts: Like of CJ Spiller, the best all-around player in college football. Let me put it this way: Teams that pass on him in the 2010 Draft will be thought of like the teams that passed on Adrian Peterson. He might not be the power runner that Peterson is, but he is more versatile (and certainly more durable) than Darren McFadden.

More happy thoughts:

*Notre Dame fans salivating over the idea of hiring Bob Stoops. (Unlike the Urban Meyer theory, I actually can see Stoops leaving OU for ND. This season was THAT bad.) I can only imagine how Oklahoma fans are feeling about that right now -- either the idea of losing Stoops... or the idea that Stoops would consider leaving. Many fans find a wandering eye a form of treachery in and of itself.

*Dan Levy arguing on TSB that MLB awards really should consider the postseason. I think this should go for every award. Sure, LeBron had an MVP regular season, but wow "MVP" could he really be if he can't even get his team into the NBA Finals? (I'm still giddy over the Wiz topping LeBron last night on ESPN.)

*Dan LeFevour. Perhaps no one is actually watching these Central Michigan games on national TV, but LeFevour is so fun to watch. He destroyed Ball State last night. So you have a guy like JaMarcus Russell being taken No. 1 overall, making a ton of money and absolutely sucking -- being replaced by a two-bit MAC alum like Bruce Gradkowski. That two-bit MAC alum could be LeFevour! (Chance that LeFevour will be taken ahead of Tebow in the 2010 NFL Draft: High.)

*Brandon Jennings. The Atlanta Hawks. Rashard Lewis' impact on Orlando. Antawn Jamison's impact on the Wizards. Four reasons the NBA is fascinating right now.

*A college hoops double-header tonight featuring two match-ups between Top 25 teams at Madison Square Garden tonight. And the idea that Evan Turner is better than any player who will line up against him in a UNC uniform.

(Or you could try to follow Dolphins-Panthers on the NFL Network. No thanks. Or you could watch Oklahoma State destroy Colorado and continue to stake its claim for a BCS at-large bid as the Fiesta Bowl's replacement for Texas. Sorry, Boise State: T. Boone Pickens would buy up the entire Fiesta Bowl ticket allotment by himself, a one-man economic recovery plan for the state of Arizona... if the Fiesta Bowl execs would just select OK St over Boise.)

Plus: AI! Mark Mangino! Jason Marquis! Mike Shanahan!

Check out the entire thing here. More later.

-- D.S.

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