Monday, December 21, 2009

10 Best Sports Books of 2009

10 Best Sports Books I Read In 2009:
(alphabetical by author)

Our Boys (Joe Drape) link

The Big One (David Kinney) link

Where Men Win Glory (Jon Krakauer) link

Born To Run (Christopher McDougall) link

Heart of the Game (SL Price) link

Faith and Fear in Flushing (Greg Prince) link

On Rocky Top (Clay Travis) link

Football Fan's Manifesto (Michael Tunison) link

The Beckham Experiment (Grant Wahl) link

Pro and College Basketball Prospectus 2010 (Pelton, Gasaway et al) link

More important: What books made YOUR list?

Didn't read myself. Heard they were good:
*The Art of a Beautiful Game (Chris Ballard)
*Open (JR Moehringer)
*The Rocket That Fell to Earth (Jeff Pearlman)
*The Machine (Joe Posnanski)
*The Book of Basketball (Bill Simmons) link
*Outcasts United (Warren St. John)
*The Yankee Years (Tom Verducci)
*Blood in the Cage (Jon Wertheim)
Any others you would recommend?

Looking ahead to highly anticipated releases in 2010:
*As-Yet-Untitled Pro Basketball History (Free Darko)
*The Game From Where I Stand (Doug Glanville)
*Mint Condition (Dave Jamieson)
*Blood, Sweat and Chalk (Tim Layden)
*Are We Winning? (Will Leitch)
*Death to the BCS (Dan Wetzel)
*Cardboard Gods (Josh Wilker)

Any others?

And then there is the open question: Is 2010 the year that MY book comes out? I mean: 600 posts' worth of thinking and writing (in four months) HAVE to be good for something, right?

-- D.S.


Weinstein said...

Excellent choices, especially Faith and Fear in Flushing. I'd also recommend Tripp Bowden's Freddie & Me and Phil Hanrahan's Life After Favre

pottereric said...

Do you maintain a list of your all time favorite books? How about a list of your top books of the decade?

I'd love to see either of them.

Steve Sprague said...

I didn't read a lot of sports books in 2009, but "Satchel" by Larry Tye was excellent. A very thorough biography about a legend who far too little has been written about.

McNater said...

Thoughts on this?