Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quickie: Predictions for 2010

As one of my running themes this month in looking back at the decade has been how absolutely unpredictable most of it would have been in December 1999, I approach the new decade modestly: Today's SN column -- the last edition at SN for 2009 -- is dedicated to predictions for 2010 only. (UPDATE: Just been informed that I am indeed filing a column tomorrow, so call it the *second-to-last* edition for 2009.)

Let's start with the biggie: Tiger will win two majors, and by the US Open, the "redemption" meme will be full throttle (it's what sports media has wanted to embrace all along, and it's why Tiger's hibernation was ill-advised).

But why stop there?

*LeBron will join Dwyane Wade in Miami. (Oh, and he won't win the NBA title in 2009.) Chris Bosh will go to the Knicks.

*Neither the Colts nor the Saints will make the Super Bowl.

*Brett Favre will be playing in the NFL in September 2010.

*Tim Tebow will be drafted in the top half of the 1st round of the NFL Draft -- NOT by the Jags.

*John Wall will be college hoops Player of the Year, but Kentucky will lose to Kansas in the title game.

*The Yankees will beat the Phillies in the World Series (again). Roy Halladay wins NL Cy.

*Boise State will beat Ohio State for the college football national title.*

* - I think I like this last one the most (as a sidebar, 1-loss Florida -- its only loss coming at Alabama -- will beat then-unbeaten Alabama in the SEC title game, but despite intense lobbying, won't be able to get past unbeaten Boise and unbeaten Ohio State in the BCS rankings. Florida will play Alabama in a rubber-match Sugar Bowl that will get higher ratings than the national-title game.) Oh, and Boise QB Kellen Moore will win the Heisman, with OSU QB Terrelle Pryor coming in 2nd. (That might flip-flop... too many Heisman voters love their unbeaten Ohio State QBs... see Troy Smith.)

I'd love to hear your predictions for 2010 in the Comments. I will be writing tomorrow, on New Year's Day and all weekend, if you want to drop by.

Complete SN column here. More later.

-- D.S.


Steve said...

Boise St. vs Ohio St. in the national championship game would be in 2011 would it not?!/DuelingAces said...

Predictions for 2010

Bama destroys Texas in NCG

The Browns fire Mangini and hire Jon Gruden

San Diego beats Philly in the Super Bowl

Texas beats Kentucky in the NCAA Finals

Suh goes first to the Rams and the Rams reenter the first round late and take Tebow

Browns take future hall of famer Eric Berry in the draft

Cleveland loses in the finals to Kobe and the Lakers in 6

Lebron stays in Cleveland
Wade goes to Chicago
Bosh to the Knicks

Yankees beat the Dodgers in the World Series

Terrelle Pryor wins Heisman

Ohio State is set to play Georgia Tech in the NCG

Robyn said...

Fearless Prediction:

Dan Shanoff will suddenly and miraculously convert to Buckeye fandom and become a shameless homer for MY favorite college team.

OK, this is more wishful thinking than fearless prediction.

OSQjunkie said...

Boise State National Champs? It's not as far fetched as some would have you believe.

If the Broncos finish 2009 undefeated they will likely start 2010 ranked in the top 10 as they return 20/21 of 22 players starting players.

If undefeated BSU will have most likely beaten a top 25 ranked Oregon State and a top 5 ranked Va-tech.

If there is only one other undefeated team, BSU will be in the NC game. It will be to hard to over look a 39-1 record over the past 3 seasons.

Jeremy said...

I think the Fiesta Bowl winner this week should fill in that slot. TCU brings back nearly as many players as Boise does. Yes, TCU loses Jerry Hughes and a few other defenders but Gary Patterson just reloads the defense and will be fine.