Sunday, December 27, 2009

Urban Meyer: What We Know, Learned

OK, now that was the strangest 24 hours in the history of Florida football. Here's what we know -- and what we learned -- about Urban Meyer:

(1) Meyer will coach the Gators for the 2010 season. When asked the question, he said he felt he would "in his gut." That wasn't just a dog-whistle for recruits; it was foreshadowing. The open question is whether he's back for spring practice or just for the start of practice this August.

(2) Meyer has health problems that are much more serious than any of us know about. Mainly, because he won't discuss them. But his unwillingness to discuss them indicates they are significant. Let's file those away, because you never know when they will come back as an issue.

(3) Meyer has to "get right" as it relates to his intensity. A telling detail came at the end, when he said he would get in touch with Steve Spurrier, a guy not known for his 12-month-a-year, 24/7 coaching regimen. Meyer needs to find work-life balance, and he needs to learn to delegate.

Meanwhile, Meyer would not approve of the attention we have given this story in the last 24 hours at the expense of our families. I'll unpack each of those three takeaways this week.

-- D.S.

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