Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yes, Tim Tebow's Career Is Nearly Over

Tim Tebow's college career ends Friday night. All sorts of crazy things kick in at that point, from mega-endorsement deals to all-consuming NFL Draft discussion.

I'm still figuring out just how that's going to work on TimTeblog.com, but with four days to go I'm leaving it all on the field, so to speak. "Finish Strong," as a certain evangelical QB might say.

Following a relatively slow week last week (until the insane weekend!), I published five new pieces yesterday and a whopping NINE today. I'd love for you to check them out.

The signature is a series I'm rolling out all week, analyzing the Top 10 moments of the Tebow Era at Florida. I'm halfway through -- and No. 5 might be my favorite (coming at 5 p.m.)

Declarations of fealty! Circumcisions! Open weeping! More declarations of fealty! Superlatives! That might sound like me about Tebow over the past year, but yes: All Tebow.

Couple other fun posts, too: There's a bunch of interesting stuff coming from New Orleans (Tebow's favorite Tebowism!) -- the Times-Picayune actually put together what might be, gloriously, the biggest Tebow fluffing in the history of sports media -- two dozen reporters, columnists and college football luminaries, all talking about how much they love Tebow. Naturally, I am last on the list -- but I'm the only one to bring up the circumcisions! (Or TMZ! Or Google! Come on!)

And, I'll tell you what: I am shocked that none of the Florida beat writers have picked up on one post about Tebow's involvement in a potentially controversial Super Bowl ad. (I actually don't think the ad will happen, and I think Team Tebow will walk back -- quickly -- from this before it becomes a "thing.")

Lastly, revel in the schadenfreude that my cable company (Time Warner) might be dropping Fox in a contract dispute at midnight on December 31... just in time for me to NOT be able to watch the Sugar Bowl. (No, seriously: I am very much in severe agitation about this.)

So I invite you to head over to TimTeblog.com and just start at the top, working backward. The phenomenon -- at least the college iteration -- is almost over.

-- D.S.

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