Friday, January 08, 2010

Final BlogPoll Ballot: Alabama, Boise 1-2

Below, please find my final BlogPoll ballot of the season. Please leave feedback in the comments -- I'd really like to have this reflect the group's analysis. And thanks for the input all season.

1 Alabama
2 Boise State 4
3 Texas
4 Florida 1
5 TCU 3
6 Ohio State 3
7 Oregon
8 Iowa 2
9 Cincinnati 5
10 Penn State 9
11 Virginia Tech 1
12 Brigham Young 2
13 Georgia Tech 5
14 Wisconsin
15 Nebraska 5
16 Utah 1
17 Pittsburgh
18 LSU 7
19 Mississippi
20 Miami (Florida) 2
21 Southern Cal
22 Texas Tech
23 Central Michigan 1
24 Clemson
25 Navy
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oregon State (#13), West Virginia (#16), Stanford (#18), Arizona (#21), Oklahoma State (#23), Northwestern (#25).


Mats Lematos said...

So all I have to do next year is beat a first-week Oregon team, TCU, and 12 high schools, and I get to be #2 in the country? Sign me up!

Unknown said...

OU would trash half the teams on this list, even on their down year. You're a hack.

Aaron said...

As a Boise State fan, I only wish Craig James (voted Boise State #7, TCU #14) had a bit of your perspective. It's also disappointing, that in general, everyone who was calling for TCU to play in the NC game, is now downplaying the Broncos' victory. They just can't win...

bill_k said...

As an Iowa fan I wonder about your decision to place them behind Oregon...based on your decision making earlier in the year, Iowa's 27-24 loss in OT to OSU, on the road, with a freshman back-up QB, seems like a better loss than Oregon's 11 point loss on a nuetral field. Iowa was never fancy, but with their starting QB they never lost and handled a fairly dynamic GT team.

Unknown said...

I've never understood the criticism the Big 10 gets. You have 4 of the top 15 from the Big 10. I will concede the SEC has the top elite teams, but it would seem no other conference comes close when looking at top to bottom. No issues with your blog poll though, I think that's right on.